Officials and entrepreneurs in the communication and information industry of developing countries vi

On September 17th, 2018, accompanied by Director Chang Zhong of the China Chamber of Commerce for the Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical products (hereinafter referred to as the "Chamber of Electrical and Mechanical Commerce"), from 18 countries:Algeria, Egypt, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, Panama, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Gambia, Cuba, Kenya, Latvia, Madagascar, Macedonia, Serbia La Leon, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Indonesia, a delegation of 69Officials and industrialists in the communication and information industry of developing countries visitedSCOPE.

Picture of the delegation

Liu Jun, the chairman of the company, firstyexpressed a warm welcome to the visit of the delegation. Thanks to the trust ofChamber of Electrical and Mechanical Commerce, weare honored to host this reception. In this way, we exchanged and shared the products and solutions of our company with officials and entrepreneurs in the communication and information industry of various countries. Ms. Zheng Chunli gave a detailed introduction about the basic situation, products and solutions of the company to the guests;Mr. Li Hongzhou gave a detailed introduction about the company's educational informationization solution to the guests of the delegation, and simulated the smart classroom, so that each guest could more intuitively and vividlyexperience the convenience of information technology to teaching and learning .

Picture:Chairman Liu Jun gave a welcome speech。

Picture:Ms. Zheng Chunli made a company introduction。

Picture:Mr. Li Hongzhou made information exchange aboutour total solution

The developing countries have always been friendly partners on the “Belt and Road”. Through this visit, they have further strengthened the understanding of China’s high technology, promoted economic and trade exchanges between China and developing countries, and improved The popularity and influence of the Scope brand in developing countries. The attendees expressed strong interest in education terminals, open source hardware and integrated solutions, and highly praised them, looking forward to future cooperation.

PictureThe delegation listened carefully to the lecture