Scope Established the First Education Information Technology Standard (electronic bag) Application D

Scope Established the First Education Information Technology Standard (electronic bag) Application Demonstration Center

In order to follow the national education information technology standardization development, Scope applied to the committee of the national information technology standardization technical committee to establish the first national "education information technology standard (electronic schoolbag) application demonstration center". Nowadays, the public notice, expert meeting and members evaluation have been done, It has been approved to establish the "education information technology standards (electronic schoolbag) application demonstration center", leader is CEO of Scope,Mr. Liu jun.

The establishment of education information technology standard (electronic schoolbag) application demonstration center aims to use standardized electronic schoolbag series to the demonstration center, build a standard demonstration base for the application of electronic schoolbag, and play a leading and exemplary role of the demonstration center in the field of basic education. On this basis, helping the electronic book bag series of the demonstration center be promoted to the whole country and even the whole world, making education informatization step up, integrating education informatization technology and teaching practice deeply indeed, helping the "education informatization version 2.0" action of the ministry of education into practice.

"Electronic schoolbag" refers to the students are the main user, based on the network resources learning , in order to make the terminal as the carrier of integrated information education application system, is a "cloud, management,point" system (including the various education of cloud services and resources to connect all kinds of equipment and transmission of data access network, and carry education service learning terminal).

In recent years, with the deepening cooperation between Scope and Changle no.1 middle school, the informatization education of changle no.1 middle school has made great progress.Its normalization and large-scale application has been highly recognized by the education field. In order to accelerate the innovative development of information-based teaching in schools, Scope decided to establish the standard "e-bag" application demonstration center with Changle no.1 middle school together, which is a flipped classroom teaching model based on "e-bag". We will optimize and upgrade the software and hardware products of "electronic schoolbag", establish a standardized application model, build the "electronic schoolbag" wisdom education demonstration school, and explore new ways for education informatization to promote education teaching .It is planned to complete the application and promotion of 1,000 schools in more than 30 provinces and cities nationwide within five years, establish a targeted diversified education service system, ensure education fairness and equalization, and promote education informatization and education modernization development.

Founded in 1997, Scope is a global leader in education terminals and a global provider of education informatization solutions.We are a national high-tech enterprise, and the China chamber of commerce recommends export brands for import and export of mechanical and electrical products. It owns multiple patent technologies and software Copyrights, has strong research and development strength and customization ability of personalized products, and the annual production capacity of various terminal products exceeds 3 million.

Hardware products including education tablets, 2 in 1 tablets,  light & thin notebook, robots, AR/VR,  child smart watches, bracelets, smart pencil-box, interactive electronic whiteboard, etc., software products, including mobile terminal management system software (MDM), classroom interaction, flip the class teaching evaluation system and cloud platform, abundant teaching resources, etc.

The company has cooperated with many famous brands in domestic and abroad and established good cooperative relations, providing more than 5 million sets of intelligent education terminal products and solutions for the education ministry of Thailand, Brazil, Colombia and other countries, as well as relevant education departments and schools in China.