AI advanced experimental box

DescriptionThe AI advanced experimental box is an integrated teaching equipment integrating 14.0-inch display screen, various sensors and output modules. The experimental box supports Python and C / C + + code programming, and has built-in artificial intelligence development interface package. The content of machine learning is added on the basis of speech recognition and visual recognition. 


CPUQuad-core Cortex-A53 1.5GHz

MCU8bit Flash MCU16-32MHz




Screen14 inch Resolution 1366*768


SensorIntegrated temperature and humidity, Dot Matrix, LED (RGB), digital tube, light sensor, servo, buzzer, ultrasonic, sliding rheostat, human body infrared, microphone and camera more than 2MP;

 Compatible with Arduino

Application InstalledBuilt-in Python3.5Arduino IDE 1.6.10ArduBLockProcessing IDE

Jupyter 1.0.0Scratch1.4

Accessorieswireless mouth + Keyboard, 7.6V 7000mAh, 12V 2A adaptor