Windows AI Experiment Box


Windows AI Experiment Box is an integrated 14-inch display a variety of sensors as well as output modules of the integrated teaching equipment, it supports Python, mixly, and other third-party programming software. Its system is Windows 10, so it is very convenient for teachers and students to learn, it also can be used as a host to learn programming.

【Use scene】

The experiment box adopts an integrated structure design to facilitate teaching and storage; it is suitable for large class teaching and introductory learning of basic hardware programming.

Outer box size: 420*340*85cm

OS: Windows 10


CPUIntel Gemini Lake N4120, up to 2.60GHz

GPUIntel® UHD Graphics 600 , (up to 700MHz)



EthernetRJ45 100M

WiFiIntel AC7265/2.4G/5G,WiFi 802.11ac/a/b/g/n

BTIntel AC7265/BT4.0

Input power: DCIN, 12V/2A


Audio: 3.5mm

Screen: 14 inches, Resolution: 1920*1080

Programming board: Arduino open source hardware

Sensors: Integrated temperature and humidity, Dot Matrix, LED (RGB), digital tube, light sensor, servo, buzzer, ultrasonic, sliding rheostat, human body infrared, microphone and camera more than 2MP;

Peripherals: mouse, keyboard