Fundamental Programming Experiment Box


1.The experiment box adopts the integrated structure design, convenient for storage and transport;

2.Arduino compatible, Atmel mega328p chip built-in , can be run and demo offline;

3.Built-in input sensors and output modules, including light sensors, sound sensors, human infrared sensors, reed sensors, smoke sensors, temperature sensors, key sensors, LED dot-matrix screen, buzzer, servo, and motors, RGB lights and many other modules, greatly enriching the teaching case;

4.Provided 15 graphical programming teaching cases and 15 python programming teaching cases, help teacher and student master graphical programming, Python basic programming and programming control of common hardware electronic modules easily;

Course contents

1.Graphical course cases: blinking lights, breathing lights, music box, adjustable fan, light control magic color light, alarm navigator, the expression of God's color, human infrared control LED and dot-matrix screen smart fan (temperature and human infrared), robocaller, smoke alarm, magic, sound decibel meter, Dream World (I), Dream World (II)

2.Python course cases: the first acquaintance with Python, print () function, variables and expressions, data types and operators, input () function, if the conditional selection, for loop, while loop, function definition and call, program debugging, LED blinking lights, key control LED, RGB breathing lights, buzzer play music, servo control