VVBOT Advanced Robotics Kit


VVBOT robotics kit for high primary school students for DIY creative building works, hardware learning. Easy to disassemble, easy to manage; can be applied to graphing, Python and other teaching experiments; motherboard type: Arduino +vvboard
【Arduino Parameters】
Processor: ATmega328P

Memory32kB Flash 2kB RAM

Configuration: MEMS microphone with LED indicator, onboard speaker, onboard touchable logo, 14 I/O pins, including 6 PWM, 6 analog interfaces & i2c.

Programming softwareC++arduino IDEmixly

Size: 6.5cm*5.3cm

【Hardware kit】

Arduino, vvboard, speakers, LED lights, RGB lights, sound sensors, light sensors, buttons, motors, human infrared, ultrasonic; color sensors, 8*8 Dot Matrix screen, temperature and humidity sensors, dual path module, infrared obstacle avoidance sensors, Bluetooth module, gyroscope, servo, buzzer, traffic light module, collision detection module, alcohol detection module, Arduino expansion boards, wire packages

【Building Blocks】
Block module: Structural parts, decorative parts, connecting parts
Block material: ABS plastic