VVBOT Junior Robotics


1.No screen, through the key instruction programming, each instruction has the same color as the key light prompts, can be movement instructions, sequences, loops and other programming knowledge learning, a total of 256 instructions can be programmed.

2.Can be personalized recording custom voice programs, combined with accessories compatible with Lego and other building materials to modify the robot, graphic painting to create.

3.The robot and the supporting interactive map and cards to achieve voice interaction and feedback, through the OID optical sensor recognition of different maps, each map is set up with a different story and programming task scenes, the robot can be set according to the map scene automatically complete the scene task demonstration, or voice prompts children to complete the corresponding programming tasks. Children can complete programming tasks or learn general knowledge according to the robot's prompts.

4.Can be connected to Bluetooth for software version upgrade or update.


Battery capacity: 1500mAh, Working Time:3-4 hours, Charging Time 2.5 hours

Body Material: ABS environmental protection material


Sensor: OID optical identification sensor